How it Helps

The Blessings


The neighborhood enjoys seeing Your Chaplain; a loving atmosphere is created with individualized and confidential care, bringing a warm smile and an encouraging attitude every time they stop by. We’re there to help you discover growth from your experiences – celebrate your joys and process your pains. You’ll never be alone if you call on Your Chaplain.

Questions about God? Of course! Your Chaplain wants to help with your spiritual growth too. It does not matter where you are on your spiritual journey or what faith practice you hold – we are here to help you.

Happier workplaces are possible with Your Chaplain too! Emotional health is directly linked to productivity and retention, plus spiritual and emotional care is an attractive employee benefit.

Advantages that workplaces will enjoy:

  • Individual emotional health improving workgroup relations and product quality, which leads to improved customer service.
  • Fewer absences: Over 1 million employees miss work every day due to stress. Unanticipated absenteeism costs employers > $600/year per employee.
  • Lower employee turnover, with savings in the range from $4k for a laborer to $10k or more for mid-level managers.
  • Reduction of fear from workplace violence. Your Chaplain’s presence can reduce this risk – which is impossible to value.

A positive outlook makes for a productive atmosphere meaning you feel more accomplished – it benefits you, the company, and your business partners.

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