In Real Life

Matthew 26:50

Chameleons are fascinating creatures. Have you ever taken the time to watch one? First, they can change colors to match their surroundings. Blending in allows them to hide in the open. Most people already know this.

Chameleons have a little-known backup if blending in doesn’t work – their vision. A chameleon’s eyes allow them to see everything around them – without blind spots. Each eye moves in a way that covers its respective side – and a little of the other side. They can even look in different directions and process the images independently. It’s just like having eyes in the back of your head. Blending in coupled with a 360° view – the chameleon’s survival system is fire!

Chameleons can see things coming from any direction!

Jesus can also see what is coming his way – anytime, anywhere, anyone! He told his followers that he would be leaving soon; even told them who would sell him out. In this scene – he shows that he knew when also. Judas betrayed Jesus to the Jewish leadership, and now has come to identify him.

We see two powerful characteristics of Jesus in this short exchange with Judas. “Why have you come?” is asked – not because Jesus does not know but because he wants Judas to reflect on his actions. Some translations present this as a statement to highlight Jesus’ awareness.

Standing out even more – Jesus called Judas “friend!” Imagine that – addressing the one who sold you out with a term reserved for people that have a close bond to you.

Jesus called his enemy “friend!”

What can we learn from this short exchange? First, Jesus knows everything about our thoughts, feelings and actions. The inner voice we hear often is God trying to direct us the right way. We might as well come clean and listen – Jesus already knows, and knows what is best. We also learn to be more than just civil with those working against us. Oh, the power that comes from treating others kindly, even our enemies.

What is God inviting you to do differently? Who is the hard one he asking you to love?