In Real Life

Matthew 6:13

Like many others, I decided to make this the year to improve my physical health. I have been working out at the gym for years – but it has been inconsistent. I needed something new for this battle – so I joined in some of the classes offered. I’ve done Body Pump, Body Step and Body Combat. I really enjoyed them – great workouts, and I didn’t die! An added bonus.

I like Body Combat the most. It combines boxing and martial arts moves – set to music to help muscle and heart strength. We do jabs, upper cuts, hooks and various styles of kicks. This week, the instructor encouraged us to visualize an opponent. It was great advice – it created a better workout overall.

Visualizing your objective produces focus and clarity!

It reminds me of another battle we all face one time or another. It is the battle with evil. Life throws shade at us all – many times we don’t even know why or where it comes from. Some will cower or hide from life’s situations, some will charge in to fight fire with fire, and some may ignore – pretending the opposition doesn’t exist.

What do you do when faced with an unseen enemy?

We can learn from Jesus’ example. In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches us how to pray – some call it the Lord’s prayer or maybe the Our Father. You’re probably aware of it if you’ve spent any time at all in a church. Verse 13 teaches us to ask God for strength to resist our temptations – creating self-inflicted troubles. We are also invited to ask God to protect us from evil forces, helping us to see it through. Perhaps this is Jesus’ way of saying – God will protect you.

The Bible teaches that the word of God is more powerful than a sword – and we are to carry it with us into life’s battles (Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12). God doesn’t want us to fight alone in the battles of life. He invites us to call him to help. So, when faced with difficulties in life, choose a different kind of weapon. Prayer and the Bible – and visualize God standing in front – protecting you from Satan, the father of lies.

Prayer and Scripture can be the weapons of choice in your spiritual battle.