In Real Life

Matthew 9:12

I have a long-standing love-hate relationship with my dentist. It feels like there is a new suggestion with every visit. Maybe a cavity has formed, and needs repaired – or a tooth has rotted so much that a root canal and cap is needed. No matter the diagnosis, I always walk away from the office in better shape than I arrived – even if some temporary pain must be endured. Sometimes the visit ends with no major work needed, only a couple suggestions for better hygiene. I like those visits. One thing is certain though…

every visit starts with a cleaning – something that goes deeper than my routine brushing.

This might be what Jesus is talking about when he said healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do. This instruction was directed at the religious leaders who questioned his actions. They were the ones who follow all the rules in public yet are callous towards others, and not focused on God.

Jesus wants something better for them and us. He is not talking about our bodies or our teeth – but our souls. Jesus is inviting everyone to visit with him.

A visit with Jesus might lead to something uncomfortable; revealing a huge change needed in your life. Or maybe you will just receive some added guidance or a tweak. Even people who think they’re healthy can benefit! No matter the outcome, just like the dentist, Jesus always starts by cleaning you which makes you presentable to the Father. And you will always be in better shape than before you visited!

When is the last time you visited with Jesus?