In Real Life

Matthew 8:23-27

It has been said that the eye of a storm is the calmest part of a hurricane. What you don’t hear about is the trouble one experiences before the eye – or will experience as the storm moves on top of them again. Life is a lot like that too – even if things are peaceful now, we have all had storms hit us, and we all will again.

In chapter 8 of Matthew, we read about an actual storm that hits the folks hanging with Jesus. Right after he finishes his teaching engagement and healing tour, Jesus decides it’s time to move on. He jumps into a boat and his inner circle jumps in with him. What could go wrong, right?

Well, something did go wrong – a “great storm”. The words used in the original language indicate that this was no ordinary storm – it was the mother of all storms. Of course, everyone in the boat was terrified, hanging on for dear life. Everyone except Jesus; he was sound asleep.

Have you ever felt like no one cared, or was even listening when you face the storms of life?

The passengers finally went to him and woke him with their pleas. In Mark’s version of this same story, we are told they ask Jesus if he even cares that they are about to die.

By Yoal Desurmont on Unsplash

Jesus brings a “great calm” – the stormy seas turn into a body of still waters, not even a ripple. Everyone is amazed at the power Jesus wields: even the wind and waves obey him!

What can we learn from trusting Jesus?

  • No one is immune from calamity, even people who are in the center of God’s will. It might be layoffs, bad test scores, loss of a loved one or unexpected illness. Somewhere along the way, life will hit hard.
  • Even though it seems like you are being ignored, Jesus hears your cries. In fact, he is right in that boat with you.
  • Jesus has the power to see you through your calamity and more. It may not be the way or when you want, but he can and will.


Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson