In Real Life

John 13:14

We have two dogs – Tinker Belle (right) and Silver Mist (left). They have free access to our fenced-in yard because of a strategically place doggie door. As you can probably tell – they enjoy playing with their frisbees! Frisbees are enjoyed so much that each will grab one then sprint outside when someone arrives home – waiting anxiously for a short game of fetch!

This is usually loads of fun – unless it has been raining and the ground is still wet. Unphased by the conditions, our two misfits still expect to play – and we comply. Their impassioned sprint to chase a thrown disc results in mud being kicked up everywhere! Awareness of their messy state eludes them when the game is over and it’s time to go inside. Instead of allowing dark brown spots to take over the house – we pause and wipe down them paws with a towel first!

Can you imagine how chaotic life would be if left unattended?

Dirty feet once were an everyday situation. Sandals being the common footwear of Jesus’ era – and walking the primary mode of transportation. Imagine how dirty feet would become after a day of traversing unpaved roads where livestock roamed free and modern plumbing was non-existent. Eeew!

The remedy was routine foot washing. Most people took responsibility for their own feet – however, house guests were treated with honor by having a servant take on the task. Of course, Jesus demonstrated a different way!

Here is the scene: we are nearing the end of Jesus’ ministry. He and his closest followers are together and about to enjoy the Passover festival meal. Jesus is literally hours way from being killed and he know it. What does he decide to do? Jesus decides to wash their feet!

Peter objects at first but concedes when he learns that this cleansing is symbolic of the spiritual cleansing Jesus offers. After completing the task for all feet in the room – Jesus provokes them to follow his radical way of helping others. Even though Jesus was superior, he humbled himself to serve his followers.

Jesus demonstrates servant leadership while facing his most difficult time!

How can we apply the lesson Jesus offers? The world is faced with insurmountable odds now. Most of us anxiously wait for the COVID-19 virus to make its way out of our lives, albeit slowly! Each one may be impacted differently, but the affect has hit everyone without fail. Maybe you know someone who is in the high-risk category and could use an extra hand with supplies or maintaining things at home. Maybe you know someone who is unaware and, like Tink and Silvie, oblivious to the chaos they face. Maybe you’re the one who needs the help – and you must find the courage to allow others to intercede on your behalf. Which one resonates most to you?

Jesus humbled himself to serve others – including you. What Should You do Also to serve others?

Jesus wants us to help others even when they should help us. He also teaches us that it is okay to accept help – especially from someone you admire.