In Real Life

“It’s the third time this month that we need work late to cover!” Everyone can probably relate to stories of workers with habitual absences. It can be frustrating – especially when there are deadlines and crucial daily tasks. Other workers grumble and recognize the need to step up – and probably stay later – so all the work is done in time.

When we are in that moment of frustration – we often lose sight of an important detail…life from their perspective. There is usually background meaning when someone is habitually late or absent.

In Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, he encourages this: support the weak, for their benefit and God’s. Paul challenging those who are part of Jesus’ camp to be understanding of those who are still trying to figure things out. And, through understanding, help them to grow.

Stepping up when someone is out is generally required, however our attitude drives the results. Doing some extra work when someone is down shows support. This is a practical way to please those who are weak. Long term results will take more though. Paul is talking about something that goes deeper. He is interested in their spiritual growth in Jesus. Understanding a person’s view could reveal how to connect with someone deeper, help them grow. You might even find it helps you grow – and bring everyone closer to God.

Helping others grow pleases God – it’s the ultimate objective.