In Real Life

Every business I know started with someone’s passion to serve in a new and creative way. Maybe it was providing something completely new – never been tried before – or maybe it is a new spin on an old idea. Either way, there is innovation and passion. As success mounts, and these ventures expand, the founders look for ways to attract talent that fits.

Many models exist for recruiting new talent, but I’ve learned of one that is lit! One company I’m aware of simply recruits based on work ethic, core values and strengths – not skills or industry knowledge. They will train provided one has the right attitude. It allows their staffing to be diversified in cultural, societal and vocational aspects. Common vision, many views.

Some entities recruit based on desire and commitment.

This reminds me of the way Jesus recruited some of his talent. Jesus had a vision for the future of humanity – unity with God, his Father. One would think that he already knew several qualified candidates when it came time to start expanding his message. The Bible teaches that Jesus spent time from his youth in the Synagogues around the best scholars – certainly they understood about God and his teaching. Yet, Jesus was an innovator – and drew his talents from strange places.

The end of Matthew’s fourth chapter describes the kick-off and summary of Jesus’ work in our world (Matthew 4:17-25). But in between, it includes a glimpse of his recruiting style (vv18-22).

As Jesus walked, he would invite someone to join his vision if their work ethic, values and strengths were a good fit. Here we find him recruiting the first four members of his crew. Jesus pleaded his case in terms they understood, leveraging their core strengths. In the case of Peter and Andrew, he connected their life as fishermen to the vision of attracting people.

Jesus expanded his mission by connecting the vision with a person’s strengths.

We can learn from Jesus, the corporate recruiting techniques and their responses. The company above, LimaOne Capital, has grown significantly since inception in 2011; founded by two Marine veterans, today they have well over 300 employees and manage in excess of $1.4 billion! And Jesus, well he has rolled his vision forward to more than two billion adherents today – all connected to God the Father through their trust in him.

Are you one of them?

For managers: What opportunities are there to train? Be willing to provide the skills needed for people with the right attitude and aptitude – but leverage their strengths to ensure diversity. This may not apply in all cases, as with advanced skills – ie hospitals will still seek trained doctors.

For those looking for career growth: What might you find if you open your mind to new ideas? Having the right work ethic and core values will go a long way in connecting you with opportunities. Just be willing to commit!