In Real Life

A friend of ours just sent an update letter for Christmas. Maybe you also receive these along with the influx of Christmas cards. Most are happy notes that give a summary of the past twelve months, complete with funny stories about the children and family pets. They might share a little of their dreams for the future and plans for the holiday season as well. If the person is close to you – you find the joy knowing more about those you don’t get to see often enough.

Our friend’s letter was kind of like that, but not exactly. This one is not so one sided with happiness.

See, this empty-nest couple shared a little about the journey they are having with the chronic and debilitating illness of one partner. While both signed this intimate note, clearly it was shared from the lens of the caretaker.

The reader learns how they work hard to keep their spirits high while dealing with the pain and predicaments with suffering joints, muscles and so on. Interestingly, the section explaining the realities of their daily life took less than a quarter of the update. They had more important sharing on their heart!

Our friend starts with a verse from Luke announcing the birth of Jesus then expresses their desire for good health of the reader. One can tell the genuineness in the well-wishes. The letter closes with a proverb that connects the reader to hope they claim; declaring it as a source of strength!

The verse this week resonated as I reflected on their story, and their hope. In this season of joy and giving, our friend wanted to share with everyone how the perfect gift sustains them.



The gifts we exchange are special – and done out of love. Though we screw up at times, we manage to make this time special for others, and others for us. Like our friends’ story, there is a something more special – and we want everyone reading to know…the perfect gift is available for all.

What is the perfect gift? It is the hope that they have because of Jesus. You can too!

Before you and your family start unwrapping, please begin by remembering the gift of faith in Jesus, the reason that we celebrate. And, share your thankfulness and curiosity of Jesus with everyone in the room.

Merry Christmas everyone! See you again next year!