In Real Life

Matthew 13:3

It has been said that a picture paints a thousand words, but sometimes I wonder. This sculpture is along the walkway to Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. Some visitors would stride past it without notice. More would give it a glance, perhaps even a second look – then quickly continue the trek inside. Only a few would consume it with their eyes at length.

A quick glance might offer awareness of homelessness, which is true. Taking in the whole piece challenges one to respond to the deeper message the artist intended.


It seems the amount of attention one gives determines the impact.

This artist gave his message through a sculpture. Other artists can paint a mental picture for you with words. This is often how Jesus would teach: parables, or stories with deeper message.

The verse this week is the opening to a series of word pictures given by Jesus. When asked why he teaches in this manner, he warns that only a few will get it.

Who? Only those who have a connection with the artist.


A couple things to ponder considering this…

  1. What emphasis do you place on your connection? People you meet and stories you encounter usually have deeper meaning. You’re invited to discover the message from others, especially the life-giving messages from Jesus.
  2. Tell your story with confidence! Sharing the stories of your heart will help you process the emotions and become more self-aware. Those who are interested enough to care will get you! But be careful of the stories you tell – especially the stories of action, not words.