In Real Life

“You’ve got this!” How many times have you heard that phrase? Usually meant as encouragement, but often used as a means of avoidance from someone who wants to move on to something more important to them – not you. Or how about the self-assuring counterpart: “I’ve got this!” Oh, the times I’ve tried to convince myself of that! Especially when I first admitted my problem with porn and sexual impurity in 2001, vowing to change. I was resolute – “I’ve got this!!” And off I went to fight a battle that had been haunting me for years – ill equipped and alone.

I failed repeatedly until I allowed others to help.

Did you know that Jesus also allowed for help? The king of kings, God in the flesh, all-powerful and all-knowing Jesus still made use of others and resources. A great example of this can be found Matthew’s version of the temptation story. Last week we saw how Jesus identifies with us through his suffering. Now we’ll see how he handled those times of struggle. Please read Matthew 4:1-11 when you get a chance for the full context.

The volley between Jesus and Satan demonstrated both the right way and the wrong way to succeed in times of need. First, Satan suggests Jesus provide for himself by making his own bread – something he had the power to do. Next, he tried to lure Jesus off a cliff, forcing the protective hand of the angels. Lastly, Satan offered Jesus the prosperity of this world. The common theme with every encounter:

Each misuse of Scripture by the devil was defended with proper use by Jesus!

Jesus did not charge into this supernatural battle alone – with an “I’ve got this!” attitude. Jesus trusted his Father and the power of Scripture to navigate through his challenges. And, when it was all said and done, after Jesus sent Satan packing – he allowed the angels to minister to him. The Good News Bible says the angels came and “helped” him. I recently read an article on Linked in that said one of the hardest things to say is “I need help.”

Have you ever admitted, “I need help!”? Jesus did.

So, how can we apply Jesus’ actions to our life? Remember there is power in the word of God when properly applied; trust in solutions of sound integrity, placing faith in God’s wisdom to guide; be patient when resolution is not quick, God will provide. Seek help from God, and others who trust in him.

Next time we’re going to see how Jesus moves out in his ministry – but not without first looking for some helpers!